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Sheet Cleanser Dr. 153

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Portable facial cleanser/Remove makeup residue and skin wastes with just one sheet!!
Sheet Cleanser Dr. 153


l Description l

Portable facial cleanser/ Remove makeup residue and
skin wastes with just one sheet!!

l Function l

When you spray water on the dry rayon cloth of this cleanser
and rub it with your hands, 27 ingredients including camellia flower, chamomile and coconut extract from the cleanser remove makeup residue and skin wastes.


l Feature l

  1. Easy-to-do cleansing
    (one-time washing for 4-step facial cleansing effects)
    1ststep: make up removal, 2ndstep: cleansing cream,
    3rdstep: cleansing tissue, 4thstep: foam cleansing
  2. Deep cleansing
    It firstly removes dirt from basic skin care routine and then makeup
    to deep penetrate through the skin for deep cleansing.
  3. Safety
    * 5-free safe product
    (1)No paraben preservatives (breast cancer causing substances)
    (2)No phenoxyethanol (3) No toxins (4) No irritants (5) No allergic reactions
    * Safe for skin by using only the ingredients registered in CTFA and ICID.
  4. Convenient to use
    One-minute deep cleansing with just one-sheet even when you are tired
    or feel a bit indisposed.
  5. Cost saving
    You can save up to 80% of total cleansing costs such as makeup remover,
    cleansing cream or oil, cleansing tissue and foam cleansing.
  6. Portable
    Lightweight and small (11 x 8.5cm) for easy to carry

l Specification l

  • KRW 30,000/ 30 sheets
  • Individually packed

* size: 17.5 x 14.5cm/sheet (package size: 11 x 8.5cm)
* weight: 3g/sheet, 100g/30 sheets
- Portable and easy to use

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